Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad

So... postfeminism? Commodification of differences/identity?



    Commodification of activism and/or protest.

  2. I wanted to post the SNL parody for the Pepsi Ad. The clip tries to offer a peak "into" the mind of whoever thought of the ridiculous ad in the first place. It's pretty comical and hits on many of the common ways people try to defend from attacks of insensitivity ("Can you put a neighbor on the phone...a black one...?").

    The critiques of the original ad are spot-in, for the most part. But I do wonder how these critiques of the ad itself—and the larger ability to recognize the insensitivity of the ad—might give people an inflated sense of “social justice empowerment” that remains on the level of screen and does not manifest on the streets/in social movements. It’s a cynical point of view, but I am usually skeptical and am interested in when social critiques become viral.

  3. I enjoyed watching the SNL skit and well as Seth Meyers version. It's crazy to me how Pepsi thought something like this would be a good idea. There is so much wrong with this ad and it is so insulting to so many political protests that are fighting against police brutality. Is this Pepsi ad saying that Caucasian woman Kendall Jenner has ended police brutality by offering them a Pepsi? It's definitely insensitive and bothers me so much that this was pitched in a meeting room and people actually thought this was a good idea. i just wish people would think harder before creating ads/commercials or really any project that is supposed to project 'peace and unity' and assist with civil rights. The whole ad is just a big fat No!