Sunday, April 23, 2017

As we move into our post-TV week...

...I thought it would be useful to revisit this (now almost decade-old!) video. This was published at the advent of the original iPhone, which popularized the concept of watching a movie on an infinitely-utilitarian 3.5 inch screen.

Clearly Lynch was having none of it. But it has me thinking, now that we're nearly ten years into the smartphone revolution (iPhone launch: June 29, 2007!), how might we accurately conceptualize the ability to watch video content on our phones? Along what demographic lines might we chart mobile viewing patterns? I almost never watch Netflix on my phone, but I have no problem with watching YouTube clips on it. For me, it's a matter of aesthetics more than anything -- I do not want to be "cheated." But how might these assumptions be questioned or disrupted?

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  1. Hi Isaac - I love this video, thank you for sharing it. I think your point about TV/ Youtube and screen formats is a good one, and ties into much of Lotz was saying about "food" vs "snack" TV, ie. having access to large amounts of content at one time which you can dip into at leisure, but will not devote much time to. For that reason, Youtube lends itself nicely to a smartphone, if we consider in "snack" TV in relation to more serialised forms.