Sunday, April 9, 2017

Core Response: TV + Industry Studies

Henry Jenkins's article The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence is absolutely informative but very inspirational to people nowadays. He does not only explains how media convergent but also states the risks and problems of media convergence. Considering the cost and problems of mass media being convergent, this article is useful to anyone include filmmakers and artists because we are content creator and the convergence has significantly influenced us when we create and deliver our thoughts and messages through our work. That being said, as creators, we should not only focus on creating the stuff we are good at, but also need to improve ourselves in many aspects as follows.

Either being as an independent filmmaker or being involved in an editorial team. In the media integration environment, the new media talent should have a complex media capacity and quality with traditional media emphasis on the special skills and more emphasis on all aspects of development, that being said, in addition to writing, editing, evaluation, creators should also have extraordinary abilities in integrated marketing, full media coverage and other comprehensive capabilities. 

In addition to comprehensive ability, people should also be able to create independent content Although the current traditional media content has been very rich, the newspaper went to the era of thick newspaper, television broadcast can be done 24 hours a day uninterrupted broadcast. However, compared to the infinite space of the network, traditional media content is still limited to the network, for example, there are more than 80 channels of nearly 100,000 columns and topics, 24 hours a day rolling published tens of thousands of news and information. Therefore, relying solely on the People's Daily and its sub-newspaper is difficult to support the status of its news portal. Therefore, in the new media information collection platform, the traditional media audit gateways and information production methods are obviously difficult to adapt to information updates fast with massive requirements and users reading habits and user interaction, participation experience requirements, information technology based information automatic capture, special template generation and strict and efficient information check the audit mechanism and other independent information collection and production methods become necessary.

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