Monday, March 6, 2017

Reality TV's Interventions

In light of this week's articles, a couple of which circled around the reality television show's propensity for interventions as a crucial plot point, I wanted to return to one of my favorite intervention moments on reality tv. I'm less interested in the shows that center around interventions, like Intervention or Celebrity Rehab, and more interested in a reality show that ostensibly isn't about an intervention and instead focuses on revealing the lives of a certain group of people, but that within that, an intervention of sorts occurs. Take,  for example, the following clip: .

The clip shows a number of the real housewives of New York calling into question a fellow housewife's sanity while trapped in a vacation house on some island somewhere, all while the housewife in question is present, making faces, and snaring. It's an intervention, but one that does not purport to make use of experts, specialists, or doctors. This clip is just one of the many times one or more of the housewives attempt an intervention (and I've only seen three iterations of the Housewives, so I imagine there are many more such scenes).

I wonder how the lax intervention, so to speak, works within reality tv's neoliberal context?

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