Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reality TV: Core Challenge

Hay and Ouellette argue that “TV offers demonstrations in group participation and governance” and “point out TV’s little everyday ways of instructing viewers about the techniques and rules of participation” (215).  They argue that “democracy has always been a technical achievement” (220) and that TV teaches us lessons in “self-enterprise, self-reliance, and . . . group governance” (224).

Your team has 1 hour to produce an argument about reality TV, governmentality and/or the management of the self.  Select a short clip or two and discuss how it connects to this notion of the technical achievement of democracy or self-management.  Be specific in your analysis and reference and explain the article (you might also draw from McCarthy if you wish.)  Finally, do you see any other possible ways of reading Reality TV, or do you agree with Hay and Ouellette that reality TV skills us to participate (gleefully?) in our own oppression?

You should return to class ready to present your ideas in 8 minutes or less, including any clips.  Extra points for an imaginative presentation.

There will be winners.

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