Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Core Response: TV+Postfeminism

In the article For White Girls Only?: Postfeminism and the Politics of Inclusion, Butler states that the attempts and fights for equality by feminist have created discontent for women in different aspects. And the death of feminism leads the exist of post-feminism. Post-feminism, generally speaking, is a way of reactions to against contradictions and absences in feminism, which especially exists in second-wave feminism and third-wave feminism. As a student coming from another country, feminism has been defined and practiced differently in the US and my home country due to its characteristics under different historical and social background. But after reading Butler’s article White Girls, I have found many common characteristics in feminism/postfeminism, and their relationship and contradictions.

While there are common points, there are also differentiations in western and eastern feminism. And these have been formed by the different economy, social status, culture, and history.  Initially, the research content is common. Eastern and Western feminism is defined and practiced based on women as their own research part, which is a critical interpretation of the status of women's social status. If Western feminism is from class, race, nation, country, law, customs and other aspects of women. The survival and development of the problem, trying to change the man-centered culture and social system, so as to change the gender relations, so that men and women can fully develop the society. On the other hand, Eastern feminism is deeply influenced by Western feminism. It is not only the most important theoretical source of eastern feminism, but also the goal of early eastern feminism to follow and catch up. After the Beijing Women's Association in 1995, some foreign students and foreign scholars, universities and research institutions of experts and scholars, on the one hand through the translation of Western feminist origin, the introduction of Western feminist research results, on the other hand the use of feminist theoretical methods and Conceptual category of Chinese women's history and the status quo in-depth study and exploration, and strive to play feminist for the mainstream culture of the fracture, subversion and deconstruction. After 10 years of development, eastern feminism gradually became mature.

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