Sunday, March 26, 2017

Core Post: TV + Genre

Genres in television is a new term to me. Even though it is new but I do not believe the way to define genres in film would also be applied to TV.  The relationship, connection, and conflict between genres in TV and film have been clearly explained in Mittell's article Genre and Television. In films, genre is clearly a term which would define the kind of movie and how a certain type of genre is reflected by its historical and practical form. However, for television there would be another approach to define the genre for it. As Mittell states, " TV genre studies seem to be content in taking genres at face value, using the categorical labels that are culturally commonplace without much consideration of the meanings or usefulness of those selfsame labels." This term would be agreed because television as a medium is more relevant to current culture and politics, thus defining the genre for TV needs practical application rather than abstract theorization.  It does not make sense to apply similar approach of defining genres of film to define genres in TV. 

With that being said, genre analyze became an important part of the whole process. Therefore, we should see TV as a medium which differ from film/movies due to the way it was made and the messages that it delivers to the audience. It should be more specific rather than generic in the analyze. Furthermore, I totally agree with the statement by Mittell on that genre should be understood in cultural practice and his view on industrial or commonsense usage. I believe all of this terms will play roles in genre analyze for TV. But I still feel like it would makes more sense to make a theoretical models for historical genres. On the other hand, it is also important to start specific media case study to analyze genre in certain instance. TV is way different from others forms of media like movies and films. Thus it has its own characteristics and features, that does not mean it lost its bridges and connections to cultural element, social context, and power relations. Therefore, start an sole independent case study in genre analyze for TV would be really useful. 

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