Sunday, May 7, 2017

Movie Finales?

So I watched the final episode of WestWorld last night... I know, I'm super lame.

Although it was all very interesting, I couldn't help but consider that the episode was a full HOUR AN A HALF! A full-length movie.

This made me consider the possibility of some kind of blend between television and film in which television would serve to set up films. If that makes sense?

I know there is some semblance of that with television shows going on to be adapted for the big screen, but those narratives are often unlinked and non-canonical. What if all the TV we watched was homework in preparation for the next big blockbuster (the finale of the series)? Studios would theoretically be happy because it fulfills their long coveted IP conditions. Plus, the increased budget and communal experience (of going to the movies) could bump up the experience a little bit... Not to mention us TV writers could get some of that film money.

I dunno. Maybe I'm crazy

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